The Gold Club

Business is booming at mega content provider Sahara corporation, but no division is more successful than the exclusive ‘Gold Club’. Clients pay dearly for gold club privileges, but the benefits are equally extraordinary. Using the full power of Sahara Corporation’s vast infrastructure, the club is used to boost online rankings, launching clients’ digital creations out of obscurity and into the spotlight. As the list of clients grows and the club expands, Sahara middle-manager and club creator Ted Ward and his friends line their pockets.

Unfortunately for Sahara itself, the gold club isn’t actually under their control. This company within a company was wholly concocted by Ted and his team of rogue employees. Having taken matters into their own hands, they’re stealing clients and cash right under the noses of their employer.

When Ted starts dating a budding singer songwriter by the name of Til Nune, he invites her into the club and promotes her interests above the rest. Security chief Hank Fangue aims to take them down, treachery and sabotage turns friends into enemies, the possibility of exposure, financial ruin, prison, and even more tragic consequences threaten to cause the whole enterprise to come crashing down around them all.