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Hi! Dave Haskell here, author of the suspense thrillers Too Much Information and The Gold Club, as well as my upcoming, soon-to-be-released (and very first science fiction!) third novel entitled Dark Alignment

I know the internet’s a busy place, so I’m honored that you’re spending some of your time here at my site. There’s a contact form below if you have questions, or just want to say ‘hi’ (I love to hear from readers, and always I make it a point to write back!). And of course, while you’re here don’t forget to claim your FREE COPY of my debut novel, Too Much Information!

The Gold Club

David Haskell delivers the kind of high-octane thrills you’ve come to expect in his all new white collar crime story, The Gold Club. For anyone who ever wished they could kick their boss to the curb and do things right for a change, this tale of inmates running the asylum is for you. Join Ted Ward and his scheming band of co-conspirators as they take on the Sahara Corporation and turn the place upside-down. Sign up for a free trial of Kindle Unlimited and you can read The Gold Club for free right now!

Gold Club Hardcover 3D

From the Amazon sales page:

Ted Ward has had enough! He’s sick of getting passed over by the Sahara corporation, tired of being Mr. Nice Guy all the time, and fed up with a life of endless drudgery. Determined to line his own pockets for once, Ted doles out preferential treatment to select Sahara clients and turns his cubicle into a lucrative, members-only gold club.

Ted’s club launches members out of obscurity and into the limelight. But when Sahara’s CEO Dennis Hamm schemes to disrupt Ted’s VIP club and make off with the profits, can Ted escape financial devastation and achieve his dream?

The Gold Club

What VIP was meant to be...



One of my earliest, fondest memories is of poking around in my grandparents attic. Up there, amid all kinds of old junk, lay a mountain of dusty paperbacks just waiting for someone to discover. When I found The Hobbit, I settled into and read all the way up to the riddle scene in a matter of hours. I went back to it often, reading then re-reading, but I never took it downstairs. Something about the environment…like I was tucked into a genuine hobbit-hole, thoroughly immersed me, and the set me on the path to becoming a lifelong, voracious reader — the wilder and more imaginative the better.

My first serious attempt at writing didn’t happen until I hit college. After a less-than-stellar high school career, I managed to backdoor my way into the school by enrolling in their adult-education program. During that half-year as an “adult” student, I took a creative writing class that had a great impact on me. I got way more into it than I might have in your typical Composition 101 course thanks to the makeup of the class. Being surrounded by actual adults with actual life-experiences, the writing all the way around the table was good. Raw, but good. Compelling, even. So much of that has to do with life experience, doesn’t it?

Writing aside, being a drummer has been the most important aspect of my professional life. After majoring in percussion at school, it was on to Orlando where I gigged in theme parks on trash cans and bar-b-que grills instead of drums. This line of work eventually lead to Tokyo Disneyland where I played in bands such as the Jammitors, the Mad Hatters, and the Disneyland Band.



I love hearing from readers. Feel free to send a note using this contact form, write me at, or hit me up on facebook. One of the coolest aspects of being a writer is getting feedback from people who read my stuff, so please don’t hesitate. I always write back. Dave

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Jeff Kivela at Buttonholed Book Reviews recently conducted an interview with Dave. Check it out here.

Have you ever tried writing in any other genres? 

Although they’re both suspense thrillers, technically, I think my first two books are pretty far from each other in the genre spectrum. The best way to describe The Gold Club is a white collar crime thriller, whereas TMI is more a straight-up technothriller…

Who are your influences? 

In line with my preferred genres, I’d have to say Michael Crighton and Issac Asimov would top the list(s), along with Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan on the scifi side…

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