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Dark Alignment Hardcover 3D

Dark Alignment

A series of increasingly improbable events culminates in a frightening new phenomenon; the Gravimetric Effect. This effect destroys property and takes lives with voracious abandon, and threatens to tear apart the very fabric of society. In the town of Joffrey, Police Chief John Masters and his fellow citizens work on a desperate plan to thwart it’s horrific effects.

When researcher Dean Eckert finds his gravimetric research stolen, he is taken by a mysterious agent, Jo Osbourne, to an otherworldly government facility, and ordered to report on everything he knows. The installation falls under attack, and Dean is rescued by test pilot Shane Douglas. The trio must find their way out and expose the terrorists, before the gravimetric effect can be turned into the ultimate doomsday weapon.

David Haskell ventures into the world of high-tech science fiction with his newest full-length novel, Dark Alignment – and you can check it out right here! Click to read sample chapters of Dark Alignment now!

The Gold Club

David Haskell delivers the kind of high-octane thrills you’ve come to expect in his all new white collar crime story, The Gold Club. For anyone who ever wished they could kick their boss to the curb and do things right for a change, this tale of inmates running the asylum is for you. Join Ted Ward and his scheming band of co-conspirators as they take on the Sahara Corporation and turn the place upside-down. Sign up for a free trial of Kindle Unlimited and you can read The Gold Club for free right now!

Gold Club Hardcover 3D

From the Amazon sales page:

Ted Ward has had enough! He’s sick of getting passed over by the Sahara corporation, tired of being Mr. Nice Guy all the time, and fed up with a life of endless drudgery. Determined to line his own pockets for once, Ted doles out preferential treatment to select Sahara clients and turns his cubicle into a lucrative, members-only gold club.

Ted’s club launches members out of obscurity and into the limelight. But when Sahara’s CEO Dennis Hamm schemes to disrupt Ted’s VIP club and make off with the profits, can Ted escape financial devastation and achieve his dream?

The Gold Club

What VIP was meant to be...



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